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A camera originally designed by Russian Professor Radionov for use during the cold war, Lomo's purpose was for spy games and international espionage. However, the camera failed its inventors intentions, when it was deemed not precise enough, light enough or small enough for Russian secret agents to carry on assignment (even though the camera is not much larger than a cigarette packet).

In spite of its failings, the Lomo LCA still remained technically astonishing, being the only camera in the world with a 32mm wide angled lens, capable of capturing shots in all conditions and from any perspective.


"New Generation Lomography" was born when two esoteric Austrian art students, Wolfgang Stranzinger and Matthias Fiegl, stumbled across a second-hand Lomo in a Prague junk shop.

Capitalising on the camera's origins, the pair took shots in true spy style; shooting from the hip, in haphazard directions, to capture their surroundings in a manner that rebelled against the logic of traditional camera composition. The inspired technology of the seemingly humble camera captured moody shots, which boasted obscure light effects against vibrant colour and movement.

The pair was hooked immediately and started spreading the word. The pursuit of an artistic endeavour for the masses that revolved around capturing your environment in the here and now took off. Soon students from all over Vienna were becoming obsessed with the spy style that is Lomography. Lomos began appearing as installations at raves, becoming a colourful and crazy way for youth culture to define themselves and their surroundings. And so, the Lomographic revolution began.


The Lomographic Lifestyle (unlike other 'high brow' artistic revolutions) is for everyone, regardless of your skills or experience with a camera (or any other artistic pursuit for that matter). Lomography wakes a thirst for adventure, with the promise of an entirely new perspective.

The espionage quality of the shots creates pictures, which are at the same time out-of-focus and sharp, light and dark, enigmatic and mesmerising. Now much more than a camera, LOMOGRAPHY is a dynamic international organisation revolutionising the way people see, and record, the world around them.


And so a new day of photography has dawned in stark complaint against the onslaught of the digital tidal wave... Plastic lens cameras, holgas, dianas, fisheye lenses, multilense cameras and panoramic cameras all file the ranks of today's lomographic weaponry whilst 120 film, expired, cross processed and double or triple exposed negs are the lomographer's choice artillery. Say goodbye to your usb cable and airbrush - the lomographic revolution has begun.


1.    Take your LOMO with you wherever you go
2.    Use it all the time, at any time - day or night
3.    Lomography does not interfere with your life, it's a part of it
4.    Get as close as possible to the objects of your lomographic desire
5.    Don't think (William Firebrace)
6.    Be fast
7.    You don't have to know what's going to be captured on your film
8.    You don't have to know what's on the film afterwards either
9.    Shoot from the hip
10.   Don't worry about rules


Download these fact-sheets for a quick snapshot on our favourite LOMOGRAPHY cameras. See them all on display at Pigeonhole OR purchase one of these babies during LOMOVEMBER.

:: Lomo LC-A+ 
:: Holga 
:: Diana+ 
:: Fisheye Compact 
:: Fisheye 2
:: Colorsplash
:: Super sampler 
:: Action Sampler 
:: Oktomat
:: Pop 9 

adapted from : www.lomography.com.au


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